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Chocolate Clavileno


 Our company, the history of tradition.

In 1880 Jaume Martí started in La Vila Joiosa, the home made elaboration of chocolate.

Lately, in 1914, he passed on the trade to his son Félix, who still working in the chocolate trade for at least 4 decades, perfecting his methods and techniques, and establishing a new tradition that was transferred to his sons, Jaime and Pedro in 1952.

From the beginnings to the lately 50’s  the sale and delivery of chocolate was made door-to-door, from La Vila Joiosa to even other Spanish regions inland, using horse drawn-carriages, and later the railway, as a mean of transport.

The commercial brand name “Chocolates Clavileño” was born in Villajoyosa in 1960, and it comes from a fictional wooden horse, notable in both European and Near Eastern folklore, also appearing in chapters 40 and 41 of the second part of the adventures of Don Quixote. With that name, the factory owners pretend to express the power and universality of this valuable product.

Nowadays, the fourth generation has turned the familiar tradition into a prosperous food industry: Hermanos López Lloret, S.A.

 MUSEUM: The tour of the facilities includes a visit to the factory floor, where modern methods for the elaboration of chocolate are shown, the itinerary passes through a room where the history of the product and its traditional elaboration is explained.


Address :Calle Colon, 187

Phone :965890778

Fax :965891028

Email :clavileno@chocolatesclavileno.com



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